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Why isn't the feature set offered by boxifier native to dropbox?

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Hi there,

I have just discovered boxifier. Unfortunately, it is only for Windows and I am on Linux, but I am confused as to why the features offered by boxifier aren't simply native to dropbox?

Does dropbox have any plans to develop features that boxifier offers? It seems like a popular and useful idea that one would think dropbox (and its user base) would benefit from.

If anyone knows of a similar program/solution to boxifier on linux it would be great if you could reply to this discussion, thanks!


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Hello @zephyr707. Thanks for opening a thread in Community about your question! slightly smiling face

Please specify the Boxifier features you are referring to, so I and the rest in Community can have an idea of what you need and offer alternatives. 


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I was just about to purchase the Boxifier Lifetime Plus plan when I noticed this was not Mac compatible!

I too wonder why its features are not simply included in Dropbox? Seem obvious.

Specifically the ability to sync files/folders/volumes from External Hard Drives. Without this ability, I have to start looking for an alternative to Dropbox.

I also tried contacting Boxifier via email and their Forum and never received a response.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this @Choreo & @zephyr707!

I won't be able to comment on a 3rd party app's functionality/features but I think I might know someone who'd be interested in pitching in here on this thread. 

Tagging @Razvan B. in case he'd like to jump in!

As per the additional functionality you're looking forward to through our desktop app, I'd suggest checking our 'Share an Idea' section as some similar-minded users might have already logged this as a feature requst and in case you can't find anything, create your own idea!

Let us know if you have any Dropbox questions; we'd be happy to follow up!

Razvan B.
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Thank you for the tag, @Walter!

Hello @Choreo. Boxifier works on Windows for the moment, but a Mac version is in the works. The release of the Mac version has been delayed due to some remaining work needed to be done, but it is on the way. Feel free to contact me directly for any Boxifier questions: [email removed as per Community Guidelines]

Hello @zephyr707. The idea of Boxifier for Linux is something that we hadn't considered so far due to a lack of interest from users for such a solution. Could you please e-mail me at [email removed] so that we could discuss this further?

Razvan from Boxifier

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Hi @zephyr707,

You don't have to use any third party software for similar behaviour. Problem using native tools in Linux is FS limitations. Directory binding is virtual FS and don't fall in the Dropbox FS' "white list". Anyway, there are some workarounds (like this one here) and you can bind whatever directory you want (anywhere in your file space) to a "mirror" in Dropbox directory (the command "mount --bind <existing dir> <new place in Dropbox dir>"). Isn't what you want? thinking face

Hope this gives some direction/alternative. winking face

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I also use Boxifier.

I keep all my photos in a single folder on my desktop and whenever I add, delete or modify any of them Boxifier automatically updates them in Dropbox. If there is a way of doing this within Dropbox I would love to use it but have never found one.

Am I missing something?




@madmick. Nope. Currently you cannot do this the other way around. Dropbox can't sync to Boxifier. 

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Hi Fiona,


Thanks but that isn ot really my problem. What I wanted to know is can I seamlessly sync my "camera images" file on my computer to my dropbox backup without using Boxifier?

Before installing Boxifier I had to manually update Dropbox every time I took new photos or altered existing ones and it was something I found frustratingly fiddly. For someone with my limited computer skills Dropbox minus Boxifier is unuseable.


Glad we are discussing this @madmick cause I now have a few questions. 

I understand you were using Boxifier and the Dropbox desktop app to back up. However I am not sure if you are referring to the Dropbox camera uploads feature when you say "camera images". 

Camera uploads can back up your pics automatically, directly from your Dropbox mobile app or your Dropbox desktop application. 

So my questions go as follows: 

  1. How exactly are you using Boxifier and Dropbox? Why don't you back up the images or folders directly to Dropbox? Have you tired that? 
  2. When you say camera images, are you referring to camera uploads? 

thinking face

Thanks for helping me get a better understanding of the feedback you are providing. 


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Hi Fiona,

Thank you for your interest.
I actually replied to this email on 25 November but my reply was blocked by your computer(?) with a lengthy explanation and I only received the notification today.

"Camera Images" is the folder on my computer which holds all my photographs, sorted into a couple of dozen folders according to the subject and when and where they were taken, ie wildlife, holiday destinations, family occasions etc. I do not use a smart phone at all - all my photos are taken with a camera and transferred from the SD card to the computer.

When I first started using Dropbox I found the process of loading my photos onto it and updating them tedious and quite difficult in fact I never figured it out satisfactorily and almost gave up on it as a backup.

Boxifier simplified the process by enabling me to sync my camera images folder to Dropbox seamlessly. When I alter, delete or add images to the "camera images" folder on my computer Boxifier automatically updates them in Dropbox. I just had a look at the "camera uploads" folder in Dropbox and there are no folders - the images are uploaded in no apparent order and changes I have made - like rotating the portrait format ones and adjusting the lighting and cropping in Photoshop are not shown. I Cloud does the same and I keep it as a "braces and belt" backup but this is not really useful as recovering the files then updating them all would be tedious beyond description. The "Boxifier" folder in Dropbox holds an exact mirror image of my "camera Images" folder  which is what I need. Thank heavens I also have an external hard drive as a physical backup.

I have had issues in the past where Dropbox and Boxifier have had trouble talking to each other, usually after updates of one or the other but these are usually resolved by deleting then re installing Dropbox. Lately on a couple of occasions Dropbox has suddenly disappeared from my desktop for no reason I can figure out and I have had to reinstall it which is a bit annoying but easily fixed as the photos obviously are still safe.

If there was some way of having Dropbox update my photos seamlessly I would be very happy to delete Boxifier and save the money it costs but for now it seems to be indispensable.

Kindest regards,
Colin Ballard,
27 November 2019
Footnote:  Today Boxifier has actually stopped updating Dropbox due to some technical details which the Boxifier people are workng on.
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