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Why won't Dropbox add a .gitignore like feature?

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Why won't Dropbox add a .gitignore like feature?

Why won't Dropbox add a feature where you could automatically ignore files by name? I realize that this is a little bit of a niche feature, probably only needed by power users, but it would clearly be trivial to implement, and I've seen many users asking for this feature.

You get the idea, several pages of Google results with people asking for a feature that would take probably less than a week for an engineer to implement.

Super User

"Clearly trivial to implement"

One of my favourite lines on the forums....

You could of course always write it yourself via the API if its so trivial?

Erwin M.
Level 1

I also desperately would like this feature. It would save money to Dropbox as it would not have to continuously synchronize and keep unlimited backups of temporary files each time I do a compilation in Visual Studio for example.
I totally agree with you that it is very trivial to implement.

Of course we could do it ourselves IF there was any API to hack with, but there is none for the Windows Desktop client. And the CLI interface on Linux is very limited. Having to build an alternative desktop client (assuming it were possible without sacrificing a lot of other features) just for this feature would be ridiculous. Ideally Dropbox could release the client as open source so we could tinker with it.

I have lost all hope in this matter, considering how they shut down Votebox a while ago and have not implemented any new feature for a long time (not even fixing certain bugs).

Josh C.7
Level 1

I would love to see this feature as well. Please Dropbox, please!

Daniel A.47
Level 1

I would also like to see this feature implemented for the reasons already listed!

+1 please do it!

Alec L.1
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Franco G.4
Level 1

+1 This would be an awesome feature!

Stefan C.3
Level 1

+1 This would be so handy when coding web apps in my Dropbox -- being able to easily say that any "node_modules" or "bower" named directories at any level in the tree should be ignored from syncing.

Michael C.73
Level 1

I installed Dropbox today and within ten minutes I was looking for a way to ignore files by type. This is such a glaring omission.

AutoCAD produces heaps of DWG backup files (*.bak) and sometimes error logs (*.err). Why on earth would I want them syncronised to the cloud and to other offices?

Dropbox, please implement this.

Mirco H.
Level 1

Would be great to get a comment from the team to understand whether this feature is under development.