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changing the location of Camera upload folder

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changing the location of Camera upload folder

While uploading the pictures to Dropbox by default is uploading to Camera upload folder. How can I change the default location as I have 2 Iphone  and would like to synchronize the pictures to Dropbox by enabling the camera upload option. If the pictures are going to be uploaded default in camera upload folder how can I differentiate the pictures from both Iphone. 

really appreciate if I can get some on this topic.

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Hey Everyone


It would be nice if we could change the location of Camera Uploads in our phones APPs.


There are many senarios it would be good:


a) People that want diferent king of organization in their dropbox


b) People that want to hide this kind of stuff


c) People that share a dropbox account




Can you please add this option in the future?


Thanks in advance

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I have multiple mobile devices at home. I would like the dropbox "camera upload" feature to sync to different "camera upload folders" from each device, and ideally beable to specify this folder name and location.

Super User II

People have been asking for this for years. It's unlikely to happen, unfortunately.

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Only problem is that this isn't a solution, it is an excuse. I have trouble believing they can't have each device upload to a different folder becuse it can't tell what device is uploading it. I can go on the site and see every device that has ever connected to my DropBox. There is some reason that they don't want to be able to do it. I have my 2 iPhones (both 7 Plus, personal and work) and 2 Android tablets. I can sort them after the fact by model but that still leaves the iphones all garbled together. 

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There is a difference between 'cant' and 'dont'. It would be possible if the software was wrote to do it - which it isnt.

Why not make a Feature Suggestion for it?
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Hey, Dropbox, could you be kind and fix this issue???
Would be a normal service, I think...for all the money it costs to have an account....!!!!

Level 4

I'd really like to upgrade do Dropbox PRO to backup my cell phone photos to the a dlink nas 320 L at home. But my planning are failing here. The photos from the cell phone are upload to a especific folder on the root of the dropbox account. In the other hand, the NAS 320L only sync a specific folder also in the root of the dropbox account. I cant change one or other. Really? Why is that? It's impossible that I'm the first person to think about this issue and this problem still exists in this 10 years of existence of Dropbox. Anyway, this is really a unsolvable problem or I'm missing something here? Thank you.

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Wouldnt it be a simple solution if we had the option to name the folder instead of creating only 1

For families that have more than one person winking face Example

Camera Uploads :
Folder name (we can create on our own (like adults paying for a service the following)
Mom, Dad, Kid 1, Kid 2, or whatever name under camera uploads or simply also decide at the root what camera uploads should be named.

Now My wife's photos and mine are mixed together ... it will take me hours to go through and fix this for a simple update.

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Could we get the option to move the camera upload folder elsewhere instead of simply having it at the root Dropbox folder?

I'm really just interested in moving the folder for organizational purposes, but others have listed a series of other features that could also go with this (different folders for uploads from different phones, etc). It seems like there are a whole bunch of possibilities that could go with this suggestion.
Level 2
I can't believe that this was marked "resolved" based on the useless excuse provided by a DropBox superuser.