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changing the location of Camera upload folder

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changing the location of Camera upload folder

While uploading the pictures to Dropbox by default is uploading to Camera upload folder. How can I change the default location as I have 2 Iphone  and would like to synchronize the pictures to Dropbox by enabling the camera upload option. If the pictures are going to be uploaded default in camera upload folder how can I differentiate the pictures from both Iphone. 

really appreciate if I can get some on this topic.

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kcammack wrote:
I can't believe that this was marked "resolved" based on the useless excuse provided by a DropBox superuser.

It's not an excuse. It's how the feature was designed to work. You cannot specify different folders for different devices, and you cannot change the Camera Uploads folder (name or location).

As Mark suggested above, you can request it in the Share an idea forum. There are already posts that discuss it. Find one and add a reply to it.

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My suggestion is one that others have made. I understand that the camera upload folder is fixed by design. IMHO, this is bad design. In a modern programming environment, this should just be an environmental variable that can be set at any time. Tying specific devices to specific folders is just a switch statement. 


Please implement something that allows me to control my folders. This issue is the primary reason I do not use the dropbox auto upload and instead use other tools to manage photos and data. 


As an aside, since dropbox is integrated into the OS, why can't I just choose any folder on my system and sync it to a dropbox folder without having to move it into the dropbox? Again this really limits the utility of dropbox, and is a reason why it isn't our go-to enterprise backup tool.

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and is a reason why it isn't our go-to enterprise backup tool.

Remember that Dropbox is not a backup utility and really shouldn't be used as one. Yes, it has some backup-like functionality, but if you're using it specifically as a backup service then you're using the wrong tool. There are far better services out there that are meant specifically for cloud backup.

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Sounds like lazy coding... customers should be able to choose at least another option or decide rename it for their device.
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Hi there


In your Apps (IOS/Android), Would it be possible to implement the option to change the folder where you automatically upload photos to?

I have two units and it is very annoying that the photos go to the same folder since they are used for very different purposes and i need to rearrange all of the photos manually, extremely time consuming. 


Thanks in advance.

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This has been requested many times over the years and it has never been implemented. I seriously doubt that it ever will be.

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The current implementation of Camera Uploads forces all users to upload their photos to the same Camera Uploads directory in the root level of the hierarchy. Whilst simplistic from a UX perspective, to power users this is constrictive and deliberately and obstinately ignores the reality of the file heirarchies many users will have already established prior to joining Dropbox or enabling the feature. This could be a setting hidden along with Selective Sync and similar, which would maintain the simplicity of the current UX for all but a very small sub-set of users.

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It is an excuse.  There is no legitmate reason to design it this way.  I personally have multiple IOS devices and because of the way it is implemented I can only turn this on for one device. I would never want to mix different devices.   If this feature doesn't end up changing, I will not be renewing my dropbox plus subscription.

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Yes, please add this feature. I also want to reorganise my dropbox and am very surprised that I cannot change the Camera Upload folder location.

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Me, too! I have multiple devices and would love for each to upload to a specific folder for each.