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I would love an advanced feature similar to that of .hgignore and .gitingore: A simple (hidden) file placable in (at least) the root directory for dropbox where I can specify grep-patterns for folders and files to ignore.
By making it a hidden file with regex-patterns, it automatically becomes an "advanced" feature, only available for those who understand what it is and how to use it.

I am loving Dropbox more and more. My use-case/need:
I do cross-platform development (Win/Mac) using an IDE (Intellij), and I have simply put my projects in dropbox, so I can do development and testing across machines/plattforms. This works very well for me, actually. But since IDE layouts and SDK-settings are specified in project-files, I have to close the IDE on one machine Before opening it on another. Otherwise the IDEs start battling over the settings-files. Also, I have to change the SDK-links every time I go from one to the other.
But if I could simply put a line in a ".dropboxignore"-file saying to ignore certain files, that would be wonderful!

Matt D.24
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Andrey S.2
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Johnny W.2
Level 4

Another repeat of an existing (and much asked for) feature. Come on, DropBox -- Respond already!

Level 3

I know many user suggested this idea before, but clearly they haven't got real answers, so I reissue this:


Why won't Dropbox implements the .dropboxignore/.dbignore feature?


It would be really convenient to have some sort of ".gitigrore"-like feature. This is really not so big deal to implement (just some regex tricks), and so many users have been asking for this. 


No, we (the group of users asking for this feature) don't want to get the "Use the selective sync feature", because it works only on folders, and when a new one created it needs to be checked from the menu manually, It's just a pain in the ***. We want a real .dropboxignore feature, not a workaround!


Super User II
Super User II

If it isnt 'a not so big deal' to implement why not do it yourself via the API?

anyone know of any alternative services with this feature?