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green ticks

2 Votes
Level 1

How do I get rid of the annoying green ticks (file synced icons) in the latest dropbox version

Cristian M.
Level 3

I would also like to know this, in hopes of avoiding this:

Changing the icns files in the resource folder with blanks would be an option but I assume they will get replaced when updating.

Super User alumni

What OS type ?

Cristian M.
Level 3

That screenshot is from OSX 10.10 running the latest stable version of dropbox.

Rachel E.
Level 1

OS X 10.9.5

Thomas C.42
Level 1

Does any one know how to get rid of those unnecessary green ticks on the overlay of each dropbox folder. I managed to work out how to get rid of the shared icons on the folders, but the ticks are proving a little more difficult. Talk about making simple things - complicated. Come on dropbox get this sorted out. 

It is quite frustrating Dropbox makes me mess around woth the icns every update. The green ones have moved, but still no option to switch them off. They are really superfluous to some of us.  

MarcK Level 2
Level 2

The Green ticks thing is really annoying I mostly use dropbox as an interface between phone and computer. If I load photos to my computer with Dropbox then even when

 transfered into my photo's file they still have the annoying green ticks on them.

Please Dropbox do something to rid us of this menace!