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Error 2 when installing dropbox

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Re: Error 2 when installing dropbox

It seems like they have "fixed" DropBox beyong repair...

None of the ideas here can make it work in my computer...

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Re: Error 2 when installing dropbox

Hey Artos,
I followed Rizaldo I. advice on changing the folder name and worked out for me after multiple attempts trying other things. Hope it works for you.
1) Remove (Uncheck) Dropbox Auto Start during Windows Start in Dropbox Preference =>
2) Exit Dropbox then Restart PC =>
3) Freaking rename the Old "Client" folder to "Client_14.4.19" (the version I was using) =>
4) Rename the latest updated folder which is Client_14.4.19 to "Client" in my case ===>
5) Rechecked Start Dropbox at Windows Startup
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Re: Error 2 when installing dropbox

Its a new installation, there is nothing to "uncheck" or "exit" or "rename"... it just doesn't install and I have done everything they said it could work here...

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Re: Error 2 when installing dropbox

Sorry forgot to mention that I had installed a older version of dropbox 3.14.4 and renamed those client files.

Here's the link to it:
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Re: Error 2 when installing dropbox

Well, installing the version in your link also produces "Error 2"...
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Re: Error 2 when installing dropbox

Hi folks,


I was having the same problem but seem to have found a possible solution.

I have recently purchased a new computer running Windows 10.

I have two dropbox accounts - one for family and one private.


I setup the private account successfully in my workspace.

I wanted to setup the second account - so I created another user.


I logged in as that user but I came up with the Error 2 message.

I logged back into my account and gave that user Admin privileges but the same message appeared when I attempted to install Dropbox again.


I restarted my computer - logged into the second user account and had success installing the second Dropbox account.


Hope that helps - regards Ken



Re: Error 2 when installing dropbox

Hello @KenMatt,


Can you please check this post by @JaneA and let us know if it works for you?



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Re: Error 2 when installing dropbox

(Windows 7) In system manager (ctrl+alt+del) I clicked show processes for all users. I stopped everything what had Dropbox in the name. Then I uninstalled Dropbox. After that I run installer again. During uninstalling old versions of Dropbox were removed. I saved 2 GB dysk space.