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(File) download failed due to an unknown error

Level 2

I am not trying to download a large file. I am trying to download any file at all. A 3.31MB .pdf shouldn't incur this error.


I have a Nexus 7 2012 that is running 4.4.4 because I am one of the many users whose tablets turn into bricks/slugs after updating to anything 5.0+. It's a known problem. Since the dropbox app won't install from the Google Play store since I'm running 4.4.4, I tried using Dropbox from Chrome.


I can sign into my account from Chrome, which is as updated as it can be, but I cannot download any file at all.  I can see files but cannot download them. I receive unknown error message.


How should I get to files to my device? Google Drive?

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Re: (File) download failed due to an unknown error

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hey there,

It seems to be a known issue on Chrome:!topic/chrome/Dmby1AEz5FE;context-place=topicsearchin/chrome...

Can you check if it works on a different browser?

Ed G
Community Manager @ Dropbox

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Re: (File) download failed due to an unknown error

Level 2
It gives me exactly same error message while I try to download a file. Finally I found, by mistake I disabled my Download Manager. I enabled it and it's working now !
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(File) download failed due to an unknown error
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