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Re: New "Delete from all computers" prompt

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@Server_Align Thanks! All good ideas. I appreciated the dialog. 


Re: New "Delete from all computers" prompt

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OK I have just been reprompted 59.4.93 and know what the trigger is thats causing it.


I just resynced a folder that was selectively synced off the computers (5 of them)

Once the folder was recreated, and file moved out of dropbox recieved the "remove ... from dropbox, if you move this file to ... it wont be available in dropbox or on any device [ ] dont ask me again" message


And EVEN WORSE than that is the following message that is now prompting on a file delete, following the resync.

When i delete a file from any location in dropbox using Win10 File Explorer

"This file will be deleted from your dropbox account. Because it's ionline-only, it wont be moved to your recycle Bin, but recently deleted files can be restored on" 

What is disturbing about this is two fold 

(1) There is no DONT ASK ME THIS AGAIN

(2) The file was not ONLINE-ONLY.

The client is set to SMART SYNC : LOCAL and has ALWAYS BEEN!

The one saving grace is it does not occur if the files are deleted by another pocess, only File Explorer.



Re: New "Delete from all computers" prompt

Hey @howeboards, I’d like to submit your inquiry to a team specialist, in order to further advise on the issue you’re facing. For that reason, I’ve made sure to reach out to you on my end via email, in order to investigate what’s happening a bit more closely. 
Whenever you find some spare time, please check your inbox for my email & I’ll make sure to promptly follow-up with you in a bit more depth. I hope that this is helpful to you & I’ll be awaiting your next reply on our email correspondence. Thanks in advance!


Community Moderator @ Dropbox


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Re: New "Delete from all computers" prompt

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SmartSync gets it wrong when you restore a selectively synced off folder.

With both the apps SmartSync current setting of LOCAL and the Web Setting of LOCALwhen restoring a folder it is set to Cloud Files.


And the folder appears not to be included in those that are "dont ask me again" marked.

So this *may* be a selective sync bug, in that it doesnt restore all later development settings. (since it didnt havce them when it was built maybe?)


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New "Delete from all computers" prompt
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