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Unexpected errors occurred! can't move dropbox folder un Ubuntu


other people posted the same issue before, but I have not seen a working solution so I am reposting it.

I am running Dropbox on Ubuntu 16.04. I need to move the dropbox folder to a different partition as support for filesystems different from ext4 is discontinued.

When I try to move the Dropbox location I get the "Unexpected errors occurred!" error. I tried to uninstall and reinstall Dropbox several times and doesn't help. Even if I delete the dropbox folder from the default location, it just recreates it when it starts and downloads all the files again from the server.


Screenshot from 2018-11-07 12-26-38.png

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Re: Unexpected errors occurred! can't move dropbox folder un Ubuntu

Update: I downloaded the new DB beta version, and it seems it's able to move its location to the desired partition (downloading all the files again from the server rather than moving them from the old location).

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