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Windows 7 Event Viewer Error "Failed to connect to the driver: (-2147024894)"

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Re: Windows 7 Event Viewer Error "Failed to connect to the driver: (-2147024894)"

Kudos to people like you doing the job instead of dropbox.

Their ignorance is amazing.

Re: Windows 7 Event Viewer Error "Failed to connect to the driver: (-2147024894)"

ActiveX/COM Issue InProcServer32\C:\Program Files (x86)\Dropbox\Update\\psmachine.dll HKCR\CLSID\{88C53488-F54D-4BA3-AFAC-49E28CD76A8A}
ActiveX/COM Issue InProcServer32\C:\Program Files (x86)\Dropbox\Update\\psmachine.dll HKCR\CLSID\{A4E4530A-938F-48EA-887D-FDF5DD769CB0}
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Re: Windows 7 Event Viewer Error "Failed to connect to the driver: (-2147024894)"


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Re: Windows 7 Event Viewer Error "Failed to connect to the driver: (-2147024894)"

Ok so this seems to be causing instability for me.

I am on Windows I am not sure if there is a WIN1O forum for this issue...


If I go into windows to upload files it can crash the application.

For example in chrome, navigating using windows explorer to upload a file to a website. It can crash chrome.

In camtasia: after importing one file and trying another file, it will crash the app.

those are just a few of the errors...

Glad I found the problem was DropBox. After initial searching I thought my video drivers were out of date...

I will move to amazon drive today and uninstall dropbox asap (even though I have paid for extra is WAY TOO ANNOYING)

BTW amazon drive is free right now for prime members...and it offers unlimited storage in my region (Canada) for about USD 45/year which is about half of what i paid DrobBox for 2TB..


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Re: Windows 7 Event Viewer Error "Failed to connect to the driver: (-2147024894)"

Similar problem Windows 7. But it is continuous. i.e. Application Event log getting hit every second.


I noticed that under services there are two 'Drop box' services. 

dbupdate and dbupdateem

dbupdate is set to Automatic and delayed start

dbupdateem is manual.


Both services won't stay started. i.e. They  start then stop again.

Don't know if this is expected behaviour but I suspect not.


The application log is rendered pretty much useless by being flooded with these events. I hope a solution is found soon. 



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Re: Windows 7 Event Viewer Error "Failed to connect to the driver: (-2147024894)"

Kester's solution (previous page) worked for me:


"If you haven't already disabled DbxSvc, open the Windows Task Manager, open the Services tab, click the 'Services' button and then scroll down to 'DbxSvc' in the 'Services (Local) pane, right click 'DbxSvc', click 'Properties' and choose 'Disabled' in the 'Startup type' dropdown menu then click 'Apply'.


You should still be able to use Dropbox but the Event Viewer continuous logging of the driver problem should cease."

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Re: Windows 7 Event Viewer Error "Failed to connect to the driver: (-2147024894)"

Just blundered onto a work around (hopefully) 

After a normal system restart I was seeing two dropbox services in the service list, (Sorry didn't write the names down but they are in my reply post to Kester.) 

Anyway went into task manager.

Stopped all dropbox.exe (3 of)

Started drop.exe from its folder in Prog Files x86/Dropbox/Client


I now have DbxSvc listed as a running service and the other two entries have disappeared.

The Application event log entries have stopped.

I haven't yet tried to restart my machine but I am betting the problem is still there.



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Re: Windows 7 Event Viewer Error "Failed to connect to the driver: (-2147024894)"

Thanks for posting this Kester!

Unfortunately, it didnt work for me.

I plan to uninstall dropbox and move to amazon drive /google drive.


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Re: Windows 7 Event Viewer Error "Failed to connect to the driver: (-2147024894)"

Alas, after restarting was unable to replicate the sequence of actions that led to DbxSvc running without filling the application log.

Have disabled DbxSvc andf put a Dropbox.exe short cut in StartUp Folder.

Assuming that DbxSvc didn't do anything more than DropBox.exe this will have to do.



Re: Windows 7 Event Viewer Error "Failed to connect to the driver: (-2147024894)"

Hi all,
First: Many apologies for the delay in jumping in here, I wanted to make sure I had a concrete update for you all.
So, for context: What is Dbxsvc? :
I've added a section to the help center article: (I say section, it's more of a note at the bottom under the driver FAQ).
The file dbxsvc.exe is a file that we use to install the Smart Sync driver. Should you not be a business user, or not have Smart Sync, then this file will never start operating. It is, however, created at install for all users so if you are not a Smart Sync this file will still appear there.
I see we have a number of pretty interesting, creative suggestions on how to disable, coupled with queries if it's safe to disable it. I'm of course not going to endorse a process that disables part of our software, should a feature or functionality cause user pain then we would want to know. Fixability and timeframes can vary depending on the in-depth technical nature of the problem.
Should you decide to disable it with one of the solutions here, it will prevent the smart sync feature from working in some cases. We need the service to update the driver, as well as to establish new driver<->client connections. This is the services current functionality. Additional functionality could be added over time. My main concern around anyone disabling it is that in the future you may need this process, Smart Sync won't work correctly, you can reach out to support but this custom change you've made will be hard for us to diagnose as the root cause of whatever issue you experience.
Why is it failing to connect / what's going wrong?:
It should be failing to connect. This is by design, the actual issue you’re facing is due to the frequency we're writing to the logs. To address any concerns around error with the application, these errors are in no way indicative of a software issue and do not point to any issues with backing up you data. Because it fails to connect, Windows treats this as a trigger to write to the log. Your data is safe, this process is just used to install a driver. As covered in the above section we expect it to do what you are seeing.
With that in mind, we understand that some of you do wish to see this behaviour.
Why aren't we fixing this?:
We are, we take our user feedback very seriously and we have spent many hours working on this. As fixes have many dependencies, and are just one components of a version release, I'm always reluctant to jump onto a thread and give a firm release date for a fix as these are regularly subject to change.
You may have noticed that we took the original connection attempt frequency down from every 1 second to every minute. This was an improvement we took onboard based on the feedback you've supplied here and also via other channels. Our new release, 31.3.15, has further improved this, the process will run 3 times daily. This should reduce the errors written to the logs and not clutter the report.
The new beta version is the first to include a fix:
Still stuck? Contact Support directly, or ask a question on the community.
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