Getting started with Dropbox business - Uploading 12 TB of data

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Dear all,

we just moved to dropbox for all our projects and the move is not as smooth as anticipated. The Dropbox support was not helpfull at all and it boiled down to the anwser that their software requirements are clearly written on their homepage - yeah thanks...

I hope some of you might have some ideas how to get our data online. In brief, we imagined the following steps would be feasible:

  • install dropbox on a debian server that we have running with our current data mounted (from a SAN)
  • smart sync the 12TB since we do not have another 12TB free hard disk space
  • make sure that the files are intact (e.g. use rsync)

If this is completely unfeasable we could set up a virtual machine with windows and install the client. However, the problem remains that we do not have the additional storage for 'double sotring' the data. I hoped that there would be a way to mount dropbox as network storage or similar.

I also tried using rsync via cygwin on a local windows PC here with a fraction of the data (the bandwith here is much worse than in the computer center where we have the servers) but the smart-sync didn't work for us.

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to look at this!




Hi anonymous,

If you need more help you can log a ticket with our Support Team here (expected response time 24 hours), or contact us on Twitter or Facebook.

For more info on available support options, see this article.

If you found the answer to your question, please 'like' the post to say thanks to the user!

Getting started with Dropbox business - Uploading 12 TB of data
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