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All all data lost / missing

Explorer | Level 3




till last week everything was fine , but 2,3 days aga i checked my  dropbox and there are nothing , my all data lost / missing 

i dont know what happen , its very important data for me  but .................lost.

i check deleted item, events and a lot of thing but i am not able to understand anything, its all around 5 GB data ......


2nd ...anyone know any contact number of dropbox team, so i can talk then directly 



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Re: All all data lost / missing


Hi Nasirsani,


Thanks for posting. 


I understand your concern regarding the status of your files.


Most likely, your files should be available for restoration in your Events page, unless you had permanently deleted them. The log notes in the Events page, however, will not log a separate event for each file, but rather will group file deletions/additions that happened at the same time. Consequently, you may not recognize the event which you are looking for immediately, but don't worry it'll be there. Check out the link below for more information about recovering deleted files:


In the event that you have further difficulty finding or restoring your files, contact Dropbox Suppor directly by following the instructions at the link below:



Re: All all data lost / missing

Hi there,

Can you please submit a ticket at


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Re: All all data lost / missing

New member | Level 2

The same thing has happened to my Dropbox.  All files are missing when I opened it on my Desktop (Win7pro) this morning.  I went to File Explorer and the Dropbox subfolders are empty of data files.  Went online.  No files in the Deleted section to restore.  Went to help, which told me to go to the Events page.  Can't find a link to an Events page either online, in my desktop Dropbox folder or in the Dropbox app itself.  So that solution doesn't help me.


And here's the best part.  Turned on an Android phone that I hadn't used in 18 months.  Attached it to my desktop and found that all the files were there on the phone.  But before I could download them, poof!  They are all gone and nothing is showing up in the Deleted Files section or in a scan for deleted files.


What's the deal?. 

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All all data lost / missing
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