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Amanda creates filing structures to access work and personal files with ease

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Meet Amanda, who collaborates at work and at home with Dropbox. This is Amanda’s story…
What brought me to Dropbox
I started using Dropbox to share documents at work. I was either emailing documents back and forth (bloated inbox, totally inefficient as a filing system!) or using a shared drive that was only accessible from inside the office or via a VPN.
How I use Dropbox
Being able to share different folders with different people makes it easy to have a home folder where my husband and I keep notes and documents, and to use Dropbox for multiple collaborative projects.
I try to create intelligent filing structures and primarily use Dropbox to share documents. My account syncs to my home computer, work computer and phone. I have a "Print Me" folder so if I need to print something I can just toss a PDF in there and print it when I'm at the office. I also have a "Travel" folder that has copies of any travel itineraries so I can always find my travel documents. Selective sync means my travel documents always sync to my phone, but I don’t keep my whole Dropbox on my phone.
Tips for the community
  • I have a "Miscellany" folder with yearly folders inside it. That means that random stuff that doesn't have a better home at least gets filed chronologically.
  • It's okay to reorganize but be diligent about putting things in folders.


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Amanda creates filing structures to access work and personal files with ease
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