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Backing up 5 years of Photos......and then stall !!!

New member | Level 2

I'm backing up 5 years worth of Lightroom photos to DropBox from a secondary drive on my computer. 

I started the backup but at some point it stalled. Now I'm left wondering which photo files were not saved. If I were moving files from point A to point B on my computer, after a stall the computer would just fill in the files that weren't transferred or ask if I should over write. 

Does dropbox have such a function or will it just make duplicates of the files that were already uploaded?

Or is there a better way to move 500+GB's of data.  I can't use my primary drive. It's a small SSD for speed so not enough room.



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Re: Backing up 5 years of Photos......and then stall !!!


Happy to answer to your first thread in our Community @KrizyManiac! grinning face

If your drive doesn't have enough space to fit the data for this Dropbox upload, you will need to split this upload in smaller batches of files that your drive could fit. When your files are fully uploaded to Dropbox, you can use Selective Sync to remove them from the drive and then drop the next batch of files in Dropbox. 

It sound like a lot of work, but please keep in mind that syncing 500 GB at once would be a "heavy" task for your device and the app and it could take longer than the workaround I am suggesting. 

As for the behavior you will get, dropping the same files in Dropbox, I will need to know if you are using your local Dropbox folder or the new Dropbox desktop app. 

The new Dropbox desktop app will duplicate them, while your Operting system and the local Dropbox folder, will give you the option to overwrite them, if you wish. It will ask you. winking face

Let me know if this was helpful. 

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Backing up 5 years of Photos......and then stall !!!
1 Reply
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