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Cannot restore deleted files

New member | Level 2

I seem to have deleted/lost a few GB of data in my Dropbox Pro. I can see most these files as 'deleted' , however, when i try to restore these files an error comes up "There was a problem completing this request." Please help urgently as there are many important data missing at the moment.

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Re: Cannot restore deleted files

Super User II

How long ago were they deleted @jeanleroux? Remember that they may only be recoverable for 30 days and so beyond that not recoverable. 

30 days if for Plus, 120 for Professional. Note, however that this is only valid from the date the upgrade happened. Being Professional or Plus now has no impact on files deleted 31 days ago. 

The other thing is sometimes large restores simply wont work. You can log a ticket and ask for help and Dropbox will do it for you via and then track at


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Re: Cannot restore deleted files

New member | Level 2

Thank you! In Dropbox Events I can see it was deleted this morning and yesterday. I will log a ticket as it is large amounts of data.


Re: Cannot restore deleted files

Explorer | Level 3

Generally, the missing files are not deleted permanently- they would be placed in the Trash Bin for a certain time so you can recover the deleted files from the Trash Bin of Dropbox or undo the deletion events to restore the files.

Step 1. Sign in to the Dropbox website and enter the file folders.
Step 2. Next, you need to find out the Trash Bin and tap on its icon to display the recent deleted files or folders.
Step 3. Just select and right click the file or folder that you need to retrieve and then elect Restore option in the pop-up window. After that, you can check the file back in the folder stored it before deletion.
For the users who want to recover several files or folders at a time, you can long press the Shift (PC) or command (Mac) key to select the files or folders.


Re: Cannot restore deleted files

Explorer | Level 4

Dropbox also allows users to restore documents to their previous versions. If you want to get back your previous documents, you can try to:
1. Search the wanted file in the file browser and right click on it.
2. Then you can select Previous versions in the pop-up menu and check the version of the file you want to revert to.
3. Now just elect the ratio button at the left of the version and tap on the Restore button.
After the recovery, you will be capable of getting back the previous versions of your wanted files or folders.


Re: Cannot restore deleted files

New member | Level 2


This hardly ever works.

Restore is actually very fake.

I BEG DropBox folks to stop the repeating scripts and actually start using their product and fixing it.  I am not saying you are liars I am saying none of you actually use the product.  Who cares about upgrading to Python3, you should not be using python anyway unless you are a brainlet or do not care about software engineering or performance, fix your bugs, performace issues, sync issues, restor not working and how about getting something to normalize transit or files.

OH and why do these client have to scan the files needlessly. 

Keep it  E N T E R P R I S E  Q U A L I T Y DropBox team.


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Cannot restore deleted files
5 Replies
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