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Dropbox Paper icon missing in Windows System Tray

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When I click on the Dropbox system tray icon in Windows, I can see four toolbar icons; Settings, Dropbox cloud, Dropbox local, and Dropbox Paper. Other users at our College do not see the Dropbox Paper icon. It appears we are all using the same version of the Dropbox app.

Is there a setting somewhere to turn on or off the Dropbox Paper icon?

Paul [personal information removed by moderation]
Davidson College

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Re: Dropbox Paper icon missing in Windows System Tray

Hey Paul (@pabrantley), since this pertains to account-specific settings, I’d suggest asking your colleagues facing this issue to reach out to our team directly (i.e. we’ll need to direct access to each account to further advise).
In order to check back on your requests on our system & make sure someone handles them soon, please include a ticket# in your next reply here, so as to keep track on progress. 
(Note: The ticket number should be a 7-digit number, which allows us to look for a ticket on our system. Your colleagues should be able to see it in the email heading that they receive as soon as they submit their request.)
Please do keep me updated on how you’d like us to proceed on this discussion here & I’ll make sure to reach out to check back with you asap. Thanks for checking in with us on the Dropbox Community & have a great week ahead! 


Community Moderator @ Dropbox


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Dropbox Paper icon missing in Windows System Tray
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