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Re: Dropbox client warns me that it'll stop syncing in Nov, why?

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Or, as a better idea you move to a product that doesn't randomly and arbitrarily decide to drop support for most of the common, still well maintained filesystems for no good reason.





Re: Dropbox client warns me that it'll stop syncing in Nov, why?

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I was using Centos 7 (Redhat derivative) with the XFS file system, created an ext4 partition, move Drop(ed)box on to it, restarted and re-logged in, No Change !!!

I therefore, downloaded & installed Nextcloud, installed the Client on all required devices, configured it to what is MY requirements. Now have 15GB of my data stored & available 24/7 anywhere worldwide. Have not been happier, never looked back, and am not at the mercy of  third party (world) provider !! 


Re: Dropbox client warns me that it'll stop syncing in Nov, why?

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Hi @Здравко ,

I really appreciate your effort and your sharing. However, if I have to chose between:

1) a product that works out of the box (owcloud/nextcloud) without filesystem limitations and a patched one (dropbox)

2) a product that offers me the same functionality and even more as I assign the size I want without extra charges (owncloud/nextcloud) vs. a product that offers limited storage and extra with a price tag (dropbox)

3) a product I can control in my datacenter (owncloud/nexcloud) vs. a product that stores the data in the cloud and I have no control over...

Those three just to mention some... I have tried the alternatives to dropbox because of the filesystem limitation and because we use XFS as filesystem because:

1) it is the default filesystem in redhat based distros.

2) some of our users run DBs and prefer XFS over ext4

3) the inode exhaustion is less probable with XFS and nowadays everybody run git on their local desktops

All in all, Dropbox is not the solution for us. It would be for some if Dropbox would support other filesystems that ext4; however, honestly, I believe it would be a matter of time that we stopped using it for good.



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Dropbox client warns me that it'll stop syncing in Nov, why?
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