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Dropbox folder shared across the network wont upload files

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Hi Team,

We have Dropbox  setup on a Mac Pro at one of our clients offices. 
The dropbox folder is then shared out across the network to the other 10 Macs they have in their office and everything was working, if someone dropped a file on the network drive, it would upload to the Dropbox acocunt with no issues.

About a week ago, any files added to the dropbox folder across the network will not sync to the cloud and just sit with the red cross icon when checking on the upload on the Mac Pro.
If we copy a file into the dropbox folder on the Mac Pro itself, it uploads fine. 

I'm not sure if there has been an update recently but could someone shed some light on what might be causing this? 
Manually moving files back and forth on the server is becoming tedious.

Thanks slightly smiling face 

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Re: Dropbox folder shared across the network wont upload files

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Hi @NickAdeptIT,

Seems like some permission/owning issue. Check the machine settings and make sure every one file added there have proper permissions and owning. Workaround to clear any present inconsistencies could be:

sudo chown -R "$USER" "/Users/$USER/Dropbox"
chmod -R u+rw "/Users/$USER/Dropbox"

Will be asked for your password (sudo).  You can write it as small script if have to be used too often.

Hope this helps. winking face


Re: Dropbox folder shared across the network wont upload files

Hey @NickAdeptIT , I appreciate the detailed post! 
It would be worth noting that this method of sharing is intended for your local area network (LAN) and is not managed by Dropbox itself, so we can't ensure that the Dropbox desktop application will behave as expected in this context. 
If this is the case, then it would be best if you used the Dropbox sharing methods instead, as you’ve mentioned that you’ve only been facing this issue with your current configuration. 
As @Здравко mentioned, when folders or files within your Dropbox folder, your Dropbox folder itself, or its system files are located in a network drive, this could cause Dropbox to not have constant access or permissions to operate in those locations.
Off the top of my head, I’d recommend using the Dropbox LAN Sync as an alternative, however maybe Zdravsko’s tips could also come handy. 
Please keep us posted on the results. Thanks! 


Community Moderator @ Dropbox


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Re: Dropbox folder shared across the network wont upload files

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Thanks for the solutions guys. 
I've just found that if we close and reopen the Dropbox app, the files that have been put into the Dropbox folder from the network locations will upload. 
But every file added after that will not upload unless we close the Dropbox app and reopen it...

Any ideas on that one?
I've performed a complete advanced uninstallation (as here: which has made no difference. 


Re: Dropbox folder shared across the network wont upload files

Star Collaborator | Level 18

thinking face Strange...

Such thing shouldn't happens. Would be normal if Dropbox folder sits on client side mounted network drive (such thing could happen even on server machine - in same time server and network client). So, changes in the disk FS don't always propagate correctly to all client mounts (including on server machine) resulting in an application which rely to detect such changes (like Dropbox) can't work properly. In this context, are you sure that you placed the Dropbox directory on real ("raw") disk space?

You can make a simple test to see, if your machine is configured properly. Open a simple text editor on your server, write something inside (doesn't matter what) and save the file inside Dropbox directory (keep the editor open). File should be visible on the other workplaces. On some other machine (network client, workplace) open the same file and make some change inside (doesn't matter what) and save. Now, is the last change detected on server side - on both/some of the text editor (still open there) and Dropbox application? (Present day almost all text editors are able to detect concurrent change, but not all. Select a suitable!)

If text editor, running on server, successfuly automaticaly detect file change (and signal about somehow without any user intervention) and Dropbox application can't, then you can report a bug in the particular build. If the text editor can't detect change, check more carefully your settings. winking face

Hope this gives some direction.

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Dropbox folder shared across the network wont upload files
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