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Dropbox is syncing my files to my desktop. Why, and what can I do?

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Hello my fellow D-Boxers

Although I've been on DB for a few years now I'd never noticed that everything that I uploaded to DB in "the Cloud" was also being added to a DB folder in my user's folder (Mac) where all the files were being synced. This syncing folder has grown to the point that it's eating all of my free HD space, so my questions are:

  1. If I buy 1 TB of DB space, does that mean that I have to have 1 TB of free space in my laptop HD also?
  2. I thought the whole purpose of having cloud space was to free up space in your devices not to have redundancy...
  3. And what can I do to free-up all of that DB space from my laptop and still be able to see/use/access my files uploaded to DB?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated since the boys at Dropbox are not responding to my request for Chatting...



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1. Yes, if you intend to sync the content of your Dropbox to your local drive.

2. You've misunderstood the purpose of Dropbox. It is not a cloud-based folder or drive where the content only exists online. It's a file sync service, meant to keep a local copy of your files in-sync with the copy in your account online, and the copies on any other devices linked to your account.

3. If you have a Basic or Plus (formerly Pro) account, you can use Selective Sync to remove the local copy of select folders from your hard drive. You would then access those folders using the Dropbox website.

If you have a Professional or Business account, you can use Smart Sync to set files or folders as online-only, while still having them appear on your local drive. Any online-only file that you open would automatically be downloaded, set back to Local and then opened as you would open any normal file. When you're done working with the file, you would set it back to online-only.

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Dropbox is syncing my files to my desktop. Why, and what can I do?
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