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Dropbox not syncing new files

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Hi guys,


I have an issue with dropbox synchronization.


I am syncing a shared folder to dropbox which resides on a domain server.


The problem is the dropbox only sync files/folder that is owned by the Domain Administrator ,while new files that is created by the user will be owned by the user (who created the file) thus will not be sync because it is not owned by the Domain Administrator.


Is there any way that the dropbox will sync files/folder even if the files/folder is not owned by Domain Administrator?



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Re: Dropbox not syncing new files

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Hi Stephen,


Here is a list of things to check, starting with the basic and moving to the more advanced. I know the list is long but it might help you to troubleshoot your issue.


Remember that computers sync with the website and not with each other. You should compare computers to the website to see where the disconnect is. Once you know which computer isn't syncing then we can focus our attention on the correct place. Is Dropbox running?


  1. Look for the Dropbox icon in the menu bar (Mac/Linux) or system tray (Windows).

If you don't see the icon then Dropbox is not running. Restart it from the Applications folder (Mac) or Programs Menu (Windows/Linux). You also need to be logged into your Dropbox account for it to sync. If you log out or turn your computer off then Dropbox can't sync.



  2. Are the files actually in the Dropbox folder?

The Dropbox folder is just a normal folder on your computer and the Dropbox software only syncs files in the Dropbox folder. Whichever files you move or copy into the Dropbox folders are copied to our servers. If you copy a file into the Dropbox folder then only the copy is synced and not the original.



  3. Check the sync status.

Hold your mouse over the Dropbox icon to see the sync status. It may show you an error message, or just tell you that it's still working.

Likewise, make sure you are not over quota. If your quota usage is over 100% then syncing stops.



  4. Make sure that no programs are editing files in the Dropbox folder.

Dropbox is unable to sync some types of files left open in certain applications. When this happens, Dropbox will report that the "file is in use" from the Dropbox desktop application menu.


Some software, like Microsoft Office, places locks on files while they are open and being edited. The feature avoids conflicts that can occur if the file is edited, moved, or changed from another computer. This lock also prevents Dropbox from accessing and syncing the file.


To allow Dropbox to sync these files, you'll need to save and quit any applications where the file is open. Once you do, Dropbox will fully sync the files. For more information on files in use, see the Dropbox Help Center article:



  5. Check for illegal filename characters (just like Holly suggested)

If files exist on a Mac but not on a Windows system then it possible that the problem is that you have an illegal character that Windows doesn't like. Renaming the file to remove any restricted characters should fix things for you.

You can check for conflicting file names yourself here:


You can learn more about which characters are restricted here:


Also, Windows has a limit of 260 characters for the entire file name. Everything from the C: to the file's name needs to be 260 characters or less.



  6. Upgrade Dropbox on your computer

If you aren't already running the latest version please install it. You can get the latest version from here:


This release has all of the latest bug fixes. Even if it doesn't fix the problem it may provide better debugging to help identify the problem.


Re: Dropbox not syncing new files

Super User II

@ptigadmin wrote:

I am syncing a shared folder to dropbox which resides on a domain server.

Dropbox does not support server-based operating systems. While you may be able to get it to work, you'll likely run into issues when syncing or trying to launch the Dropbox client.


In this case, it's likely that Dropbox can't access the files and folders due to a lack of permissions. I'd start by ensuring that the admin account has full control over the Dropbox folder and all subfolders (and their content). Unfortunately, if that doesn't work, you'll be on your own as Dropbox Support will not provide assistance for server operating systems.

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Dropbox not syncing new files
2 Replies
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