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Re: 😳 Dropbox support team doesn’t trust Dropbox with storing files

Explorer | Level 3

@_-_ as @Rich has said, a screenshot (without personal information) would work here if possible.

Unfortunately @Emma I have to suspect that maybe you don’t quite understand what a file is and what the difference is between a file and a screenshot.

This is, however, quite typical for Dropbox team. Every time I converse with Dropbox representatives I have to explain what files are, what Unicode is, how the filenames are organized in common filesystems, how do operating systems work with them, how many bits two bytes contain and why, etc. But things are right where they started; I start to believe Dropbox bosses bar skilled technicians from working at Dropbox—maybe for security reasons, or I don’t know.

That’s why I’d better stop casting pearls before Dropbox and change over to another file hosting service with adequate Unicode support and sound-minded team.


Re: 😳 Dropbox support team doesn’t trust Dropbox with storing files

Community Manager

@Rich wrote:

Zendesk is the help desk system that Dropbox uses. You uploaded the file to Zendesk, so it's stored within the service. Dropbox didn't store the file there; you did by attaching it to your ticket.

Zendesk and Dropbox are completely separate services, providing different functions. There's no reason why files attached to your ticket would be (or should be) stored within Dropbox.

@_-_ I appreciate that a screenshot is not what you're after, it would just help to illustrate your point if needed. I would have to ask what the purpose of sharing the file here would be as @Rich has answered your question on why the file is stored in Zendesk. 

@Здравко your feedback and request has been passed to the team. 

To further clarify, spam can be flagged automatically by the system (not only manually by moderators), but moderators will restore posts that have been incorrectly flagged as spam.


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😳 Dropbox support team doesn’t trust Dropbox with storing files
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