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Dropbox will not accept a dragged and dropped video from MacBook Air

Helpful | Level 5

Can someone please help me? I've just installed Dropbox on MacBook Air (Mac OS Catalina 10.15.1) I just want to copy a Thanksgiving video to share with my family. It's an 8:01 minute video. I've used Dropbox since 2013. It's been revamped, I realize, but I still was able to find a space that should accept files. It took in 8 of 11 photos I tried as an experiment, so something's even off there - I don't know where 3 of them went. It took the video as an image only at one point.

If I try to click the Option key as I drag so as to take a copy, it won't accept the dropped file. The video just runs right back to photos. Same if I don't use the Option key. I've tried opening a folder - I don't want a folder, I just want the video, but it still didn't work. There is no "+" sign at the bottom of my screen to add anything, which is what the Googled articles I found suggested using. Those may have been from years ago, it's hard to say.

Can someone just tell me please how to get a video from Photos in to Dropbox now in order to share a link with my family? I only want a copy of it in there. I want the video to stay in photos. I'm happy to create a duplicate video and move that to Dropbox so no problem doing that. Thanks. I don't know why this should be so difficult.


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Re: Dropbox will not accept a dragged and dropped video from MacBook Air

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I'm currently running on Catalina as well and have uploaded approximately 20+ videos from Photos to Dropbox and had no problems. You can certainly check for a few things:

Are you using the latest version of Dropbox for PC?

Have you tried dragging the video from Photos to Mac itself first and then into Dropbox?

Usually Dropbox doesn't take long, however iPhone/iPad's videos (especially minute long videos) are quite heavy in size and they do take time to upload. Please let me know if you're still having any problems.


Re: Dropbox will not accept a dragged and dropped video from MacBook Air

Helpful | Level 5

Yes. I discovered that I cannot drag-n-drop directly from Photos to Dropbox. Why it requires an intermediary step eludes me. It seems clunky. But, I'm set now. Thank you!


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Dropbox will not accept a dragged and dropped video from MacBook Air
2 Replies
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