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Dropbox won't save locally anymore

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I acidently activated smart sych a few days ago. since then I have been raging in frustration, because even though, I reversed the option and told dropbox to save EVERYTHING locally, I cannot open most of my files. want to watch one of my movies? have to wait several minutes to open it. open a pdf? takes a long time to open it. and when I cannot acess the internet, I cannot do anything? no thank you.

I prefer to use 400GB of my 1TB hard drive for that. how do I deactivate the smart synch feature for good?

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Re: Dropbox won't save locally anymore

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Make sure it's set to Local in Dropbox Preferences, then right-click any files or folders that are currently Online-only and set Smart Sync to Local. You can select more than one file or folder a a time.

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Dropbox won't save locally anymore
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