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English (UK) Spelling in Paper

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My System's set to use English rather than American. But Dropbox Paper keeps nagging me to change s's to z's the American way. It's borderline unusable. How do I get Paper to use the same language settings as the browser / OS so I can write proper like?

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Re: English (UK) Spelling in Paper

Hi Tarver,

This setting would be coming from your Dropbox settings, so if your Dropbox account is set to English (American) then this is what Paper will default to.

So you should be able to change this from your Dropbox settings in your account online. Simply go to your account settings and from the profile tab scroll down to Preferences and you will see Language. There you can change to English (UK) and never have to deal with the linguistic nightmare that is a 'z' in place of an 's'!


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English (UK) Spelling in Paper
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