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File Access Error Alert

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when clicking on file in DB folder on Macbook I get an access error alert: Sorry, we couldnt find users/paul/dropbox/... Ist it posible it was moved, deleted... I have not moved or deleted.. How do check to see if the file is available and synced. this is . happening with most of my files. As a work around I have been downloading from web, working on docs and uploading again. A real pain! 

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Re: File Access Error Alert

Initially, I wanted to mention that you can check the sync status by hovering your mouse over the Dropbox icon which should read up to date if it’s completely synced and let you know how many files are left to sync and how long it expects to take if syncing is still ongoing.
You can also see the status of any file or folder in your Dropbox folder from the syncing icons that they will have. More specifically, if that file or folder is done syncing, a green check mark will, and if it’s still undergoing syncing, you’ll see a blue icon with spinning arrows.
Moving on to your query though, the error that you’re seeing may be due to a limitation of the apps that you're using to open or save the files in question. In other words, there are files that your apps can't process correctly because they have file paths that are too long.
In general, this behavior is present if there are more than 255 characters in the entire file path and this means from, for example, the C:\ all the way to the extension of a file.
Although the desktop app can read and write to locations that are longer than 255 characters (which means that files will sync to and from), the apps used to open or save these files may not support reading from or writing to these locations with long file paths and, as a result, may show error messages when trying to open, save or edit them. 
In this case, you should be able to resolve it by renaming the file or folder to a shorter name, or reducing the number of sub-folders.
If this is not the case and/or you’re still having trouble with this, don’t hesitate to get back to me with any additional info that may be helpful. Let me know how it goes! grinning face with smiling eyes

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File Access Error Alert
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