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Files move to Dropbox by default.

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I know that files and folders dragged to Dropbox are moved, rather than copied, by default.  I found this out the hard way and lost many important files that I accidentally dragged to Dropbox and then deleted from Dropbox before they were fully synced.  Much to my surprise, they were no longer on my hard drive. I know the explanation is that files are "moved" in Windows by default if you drag them from one place to another on the SAME HARD DRIVE and copied if dragging to a different hard drive.  There's the rub.  Dropbox is NOT the same hard drive as my PC's hard drive.  Dragging a folder or file from my hard drive to Dropbox should be a copy by default.  Not all of us are foolish enough to trust the cloud with our stuff, and therefore, do not like to keep all of our important stuff on Dropbox.  By "pretending" that Dropbox is just another folder on my hard drive, Dropbox has created a serious, and somewhat deceitful, scenario.

I repeat:  Dropbox is NOT the same as my hard drive.  It is clearly a completely different drive somewhere in the cloud.  You should not be making that false claim.

I am quite ready to delete such a deceitful application from my life, completely.

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Re: Files move to Dropbox by default.


Sorry to hear about this @Petech - let's take a look into this.

First off, note that your Dropbox folder is just a normal folder on your hard drive. Therefore, if you drag and drop files into the Dropbox folder, those files will be moved instead of copied. 

It's common to assume Dropbox works like a network drive because of its many online features. However, your Dropbox folder is actually a normal folder and its contents are stored on your hard drive. The Dropbox application only watches your Dropbox folder for changes and syncs those changes online and to your other computers. One of the benefits of this way of syncing is always having access to your files, even while you are offline.

For more information on moving files versus copying them, visit our Help Center article:

Now, could you take a look at your events page to see if any of those deletions were logged there and also check if you can restore them from there or from your deleted files page?


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Re: Files move to Dropbox by default.

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Dropbox has not made any such false claims.
You have made an assumption and we all know what happens when you assume.
I do not want to come across as mean as I understand that this may be a hard pill to swallow.

Please don't let this negative experience prevent you from taking advantage of the wonderful Dropbox system.

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Files move to Dropbox by default.
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