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Folder Structure Diagram

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Is there an internal app, or third party crawler app, that will interrogate your folder structure and provide a pictorial diagram?

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Re: Folder Structure Diagram


Hi @MartyO, thanks for checking in about this!

If I understand correctly you are referring to a feature that will create a visual representation of the structure of your Dropbox content, including sub-folders, is that right? 

If so, we currently don't have a feature that does this but I will happily forward your comments to our development team!

I can't advise on 3rd party apps but you may be able to find something that's relevant to your needs via a web search. 

If you like you can also post your idea in our "Share an Idea" page within the Community, which will allow other users to vote on it, too!

Let me know if I can help with anything else on my end. 


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Folder Structure Diagram
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