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Getting error 404 when clicking link to a shared folder

New member | Level 2

Two of seven people i am trying to share a folder on dropbox with can't access it. They get the dreaded 404 erro message. 


I see no easy solution on your forum. 


Possible solutions make sure you are clicking on the whole link.

Other = don’t move the files after you’ve added them to dropbox and then sent someone a link.


Neither seem satisfactory as I am sure they are clicking on the whole link and I am not moving the files once they are in dropbox.  Any other suggestion before I shift to Google Drive......?





Problem April


A Drop Box invitation has been sent several times but each time I can't open it and I get this error message - Error (404) How do I resolve this issue? 


Solution April


The link you are using is incorrect. 

If its coming via email make sure you are using the whole link and not just part of it - especially if it crosses lines. 

Note, however, that as you now have an account the invitation wont work (i.e. it wont give you or them bonus space).


Problem 2

I am completely done with Dropbox over this. I am a student and I need access to academic files provided by the teacher. Every time I try to access them through a link sent to all the students I get a 404 "This file cannot be found" message. Some of my fellow classmates are able to access the documents through the same link, and some cannot. This tells me that the files can be found and no changes have been made to make them inaccessible because people CAN access them. Nothing on the forum can answer as to why this happens, and I understand that the community may not be able to answer this question but I can find nothing on the FAQ relating to this exactly.


Does anyone know what I can do? I have contacted my teacher but if I cannot do anything does anyone know what the owner of the files could do to fix this problem, or does he just have to send out new links?


Solution 2

Sorry that you are having this issue.  The 404 error means it has been removed and its missing.    Are you 100% sure that the teacher hasn't done anything to the file?   Perhaps send a Support email listed here:





From: Louise 
Sent: Thursday, August 2, 2018 11:37 AM
To: Tim 
Subject: Re: Tim shared "WET Board" with you


HI Tim, no still can't get in- I get this:




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Re: 404 error

Super User II

@tjleyland wrote:

... I am sure they are clicking on the whole link ...

Have them copy and paste the full URL, instead of clicking. If the link is wrapping to a second line, their mail client may only be registering the click on the first line of the link.


Re: 404 error

Hi there, when you’re sharing a folder with users, they need to use a Dropbox account to access it and edit/view files.
Do these users already have a Dropbox account, or do they need to create one?
If you’ve invited their email, and they already have an account under that email, they’ll be able to instantly access it by logging into the Dropbox site and clicking on the notification bell at the top, or the sharing tab to add it to their account (assuming they have the quota for it)
As Rich said, they need to click the link, though when sending a shared folder invite, it appears as a blue button in the email (when sent from Dropbox). Is that what they’re seeing?

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Getting error 404 when clicking link to a shared folder
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