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Helping the sync operation along by copying files across manually.

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I have a dropbox image of 8Gb or so (200,000 files) sync'ed between a laptop and desktop.  Due to a sync operation that went awry and copied a number of large and unwelcome files, I have had to clean stuff out.  The desktop is OK - it is back to normal and synced, but the laptop was trying to sync a large number of "conflicted copy" files and it was soon evident it wasn't going to complete this century.  

So I paused syncing, renamed the existing Dropbox folder, and relinked to a clean empty Dropbox folder.  It has been sync'ing for a day but has not got very far (even with a 100 Mb fibre connection!).

Now, I gather that I can help the sync operation along by pausing the sync on the laptop, and copying an image of the desktop PC Dropbox folder directly to the new Dropbox folder. My question is: The source Dropbox folder image includes housekeeping stuff like a ".dropbox" file and ".dropbox.cache" folder.  Do I copy these as well?


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Re: Helping the sync operation along by copying files across manually.

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While you can copy it all, the cache folder could be large and will just add more time to the process. It's not needed. Dropbox on the laptop will create a new cache folder.

Also, I'd start it over again. Scrap anything that has already synced to the laptop. Unlink the laptop from Dropbox and rename or remove the Dropbox folder. Relink to Dropbox so a new folder is created and immediately pause syncing or exit the Dropbox app. Copy the full Dropbox folder from the desktop to the laptop, then resume syncing or launch the app again.

Finally, WAIT! It's going to take a long time for Dropbox to index 200,000 files. Be patient and let it work. Don't try to do anything to speed it up beyond what's described above, or you'll just cause problems.

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Helping the sync operation along by copying files across manually.
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