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How Dropbox helps a District Manager connect her staff quickly and securely

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Meet Danielle, a District Manager who has used Dropbox for over two years, with a team of 50. This is Danielle’s story…

What brought us to Dropbox
Overall, we needed a secure encrypted application and to overcome our struggle with complicated applications.
As a store manager I struggled to understand how to use and in turn teach my employees and their reports how to operate the apps we were using. I would have to teach the team how to use these apps via video conferencing, and often several times over. Sometimes, as a worst case scenario, I would have to travel to each individual store and train the staff just to use these apps, which was a cost to the company. 
Honestly if our company was still using our previous file sharing application, I would have had to find a different job. I was going through daily issues with all my stores’ staff. The employees’ frustration and inability to work with the old app was making me suffer weekly migraines.
Dropbox’s impact
The ability to easily link staff, wholesalers, or customers to a set project has been an enormous help. Dropbox’s applications are so much easier, faster, and more secure than any other app out there. 
Every branch of our company uses Dropbox for unlimited uses. From the in-store head cashier, who takes daily pictures and sends them to their District Manager, who then links in corporate; to the corporate offices who use every aspect of Dropbox because they trust Dropbox’s encryption. Overall, inventory has become less of a headache with the speed of downloading with Dropbox.
Tips for the community
  • I wish I had known about the Dropbox forum from the beginning. The forum makes it easy to quickly find help with any problem a user could possibly encounter.
  • Give all of Dropbox’s features a try. I think you may be surprised by Dropbox’s ease of use.
  • Be patient and check on the help section. If the answer you are looking for is not there, check Dropbox forum. I don’t think there’s any question someone has not already asked.


Do you use Dropbox in a similar way? Have questions for Danielle about their workflow? Reply below with your thoughts!

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How Dropbox helps a District Manager connect her staff quickly and securely
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