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How Raymond uses Dropbox sync to access his files on any device at any time

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Meet Raymond, a seasoned Dropbox user who works in tech and uses Dropbox as his one stop shop for file storage. This is Raymond’s story…
What brought me to Dropbox
I needed a way to always have my files available on any computer or device that I was working on. In addition, I needed to make sure that my files were safe and always up to date.
Ensuring that files were up to date and available between a phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop was nearly impossible. In addition, when I used a flash drive as an attempted source of truth, I would often misplace or lose it, making my files unavailable and potentially lost.
How I use Dropbox
I consider Dropbox to be the new "My Documents" folder. Every document that I work on is saved to Dropbox and categorized into folders, much the same way I categorized docs into folders before Dropbox. When accessing files from other devices, I can choose to use the mobile app, web client, or desktop app to ensure that I'm always able to get access to the files that I need at any time.
The three features that have been the most impactful include:
  • Syncing files between computers and devices: Every file that I work on now lives in Dropbox and I always know that my latest version is available to me on any device.
  • Easily generating shareable links: When I have to share files with other people, I can easily generate a link to that file. The link (as opposed to a file attachment) will always be automatically updated when I save a change to a file.
  • Smart Sync: On my laptop, I'm able to save space by enabling Smart Sync. This ensures that only the files I absolutely need are locally downloaded, but I can access any of the other files in my Dropbox at any time.
Tips for the community
  • Give Dropbox a try. It's painless (you can even change it so the documents folder is automatically the Dropbox folder), comes with 2 GB of storage free forever to try it out, and gives you peace of mind to know your documents are always safe.


Do you use Dropbox in a similar way? Have questions for Raymond about their workflow? Reply below with your thoughts!

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How Raymond uses Dropbox sync to access his files on any device at any time
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