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How can I get a direct link to my file??

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Hello people, I am very new on this Forum. Here is my problem I am trying to solve ... I uploaded a few sound effect files on Dropbox.. I need to have a DIRECT link to a sound file to use in my chat room. "Share" link is obviosly not the same as DIRECT link because I have tried and it did not work. :(

Wih the new chat room system that was set up by their developer only a direct link works. I need a HTTPS:/ link with a file name .....mp3 at the end
Thanks a bunch for any help in advance!

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Re: How can I get a direct link to my file??

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A share link with "www" at the beginning will open in the preview page.

A share link with "dl" at the beginning will tell your browser to handle the file as it sees fit (display in the browser, open in a configured application, or present it for download).

A share link with "dl" at the beginning and "?dl=1" at the end will force your browser to download the file.

Examples using an animated GIF file:


Re: How can I get a direct link to my file??

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This advice does not seem to work for PDF files.  In Chrome, I get a download dialog with either ?dl=1 query string or when setting the subdomain to (or both) for a shared link.  It seems right now as if there's no way to directly link my browser's plugin to view a PDF in the browser without downloading it first.

Dropbox's PDF previewer does not work for my purposes, and I obviously can't change the headers to appropriately set the content type. Is this a bug?


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How can I get a direct link to my file??
2 Replies
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