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How can I set files to download as "online only" when adding folders from the selective sync menu?

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I have loaded dropbox on a new machine.  But to avoid the complete download of hundreds of gigabytes, I turned off all folder sync at first.  I started to add some existing folders to the selective sync - hoping it would all just be online-only, but the actual files are downloaded.

Is there a way to sync to all my files, but have them be online-only?

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Re: initial load, online-only, selective sync

Hey @Herbal7ea, as you mentioned that you’ve been seeing that on a device you’ve just linked, can you please confirm that you’ve set the default setting to Online-Only on your Sync tab in Preferences? Also, it’s my understanding that you’re not experiencing the same discrepancy across devices, am I right? If so, please let me know here. 
If you’ve already adjusted your settings, I’d appreciate two side-by-side screenshots (omitting personal info) showing me the default syncing selection & how these folders appear on your Selective Sync window please; please include these in your next message if possible. 
Once I have these details, I’ll try to address your initial inquiry in a bit more depth. Thanks!


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How can I set files to download as "online only" when adding folders from the selective sync menu?
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