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I'm unable to locate my invoices & Microsoft Support redirected me to you. How should I proceed?

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I'm trying to access my business invoices in one of my business files.  Only 3 out over 70 appear on the screen in that file. Sometimes the files themselves don't appear either. Microsoft agents say the word program i use is functioning properly and that my dropbox app is at fault. Could you tell me please, how do I solve this problem? 


Eddy [personal iinformation removed by moderation]

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Re: lost files

Hey Eddy (@eddyhaskell), thanks for checking in with us on the Dropbox Forum regarding your missing files, I’ll do my best to send you some hints & we’ll take it from your findings on your end. 
Just so as to make sure I'm following-up on the right thing, can you let me know a bit more detail on the steps you've followed & how that resulted in losing your content (eg. did you upload your invoices to Dropbox & you can’t retrieve them now Eddy)
From there can you ensure that you’re logged in the account your files were initially uploaded on? If so, can you recall when was the last time you logged in on that account approximately? Do you have more than one Dropbox accounts by any chance? Also, have you received an email in the past that your account will be closed due to inactivity?
If you have only one Dropbox account (& you can recall uploading your files there in the past), then the following pointers may be helpful to you:
More information
  • Have you tried looking up some example file/ folder names on the Search box  🔍 on the top-right hand corner of your Account incidentally? (Note: I’m merely asking, as your files may have been moved, so you should be able to access them normally.)
  • In case your files were located inside a shared folder, maybe you’ve left the Share dividers, which you can add back on your Sharing tab. 
  • It would be worth mentioning that you could search on your Deleted Files page for recent deletions. Would you mind having a look there whenever you get a chance? 
  • Last but not least, can you by any chance recall whether you uploaded your files from the Dropbox website or you placed them in the Dropbox folder on your pc/Mac? If the latter, can you let me know if these files synced online as expected Arrows Counter Clock/ White check mark?  
Please do let me know of your findings & I’ll make sure to check back with you with the best next steps asap. Thanks in advance!


Community Moderator @ Dropbox


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I'm unable to locate my invoices & Microsoft Support redirected me to you. How should I proceed?
1 Reply
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