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I upgraded my computer and lost some files but can I get them back?

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When I upgraded my computer(Add an SSD) I also reinstall the windows. Somehow some of my files didnt show up now. Please help me

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Re: I upgraded my computer and lost some files but can I get them back?

Hey @Scratchexplode, while there’s a few ways to get going with the hardware & OS upgrade, when it comes to Dropbox, I’m assuming that you’ve unlinked your desktop before you proceeded with that, can you please confirm that this is the case? 
Mere guess here (which could as well be a long shot), would be that you may have missed this step. If you didn’t unlink your desktop from your account online, then upon re-linking the client should’ve taken it from where it had left off (i.e. syncing the files it would locate to our website). 
Now, to see whether my suggested scenario applies, I’d suggest having a look on your on your Events or your Deleted Files page in order to check back on the timeframe when you upgraded your device. This will help you paint a clearer picture on the Timeline of Events  & help you confirm whether there have been any deletions. 
Hopefully this is- even slightly- helpful to you, though please do let me know here in case I’ve misunderstood your request in any way or you need further assistance regarding your missing files. Thanks! 


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I upgraded my computer and lost some files but can I get them back?
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