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Integrating Dropbox with a website

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I would like to create a website using a web builder such as weebly or word press. One of the main features of the website would be to share documents which I manage within my Dropbox account (currently using a free personal account). 


I envision visitors to the website seeing a list of documents or files which reflects what I have within Dropbox. I would want those vistiors to have read only access or simple upload access to the files. Essentially being able to share my Dropbox with a wider audience and being able to put a web interface around it.


Are there solutions that are purposed for this use case? 

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Re: Integrating Dropbox with a website

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Hi @Queenz85, for your purpose, you can share a Dropbox file or folder via links (, which gives read-only access to whoever visit that link. Remember that when you share a file/folder via link there is a bandwidth limit. For a Dropbox Basic (free) account, those are :

  • 20 GB per day: The total amount of traffic that all of your links and file requests combined can generate
  • 100,000 downloads per day: The total number of downloads that all of your links combined can generate

Howerver, a shared link wouldn't allow a visitor to upload files in your Dropbox. For that, you can create File Requests which will be just sharing another link, which will allow an interface to upload files by the visitors. More details here - Visitors can upload a maximim file size of 2GB (for a Basic user). Also note the bandwidth limit above.


Re: Integrating Dropbox with a website

To add to the above, you won't be able to integrate the file structure for viewing the files directly on the site, unless you’re using iframe code to do so.
However, for most web developers, iframes are bad practice, so it’s your choice if you want to do that.
File requests will need to be in the form of a link, which again can be used in an iframe if you so wish.
If you’re paying for a Dropbox Professional plan, you might be interested in how Showcase displays your files, or even using Dropbox Paper (which is available to all users). However, these two options don’t allow for uploading of files.

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Re: Integrating Dropbox with a website

New member | Level 2

Updated information for 2019, for Wordpress you can download plugins which can help you integrate with Dropbox directly. It is super easy and less time taking. For example, you can use Out-of-the-Box plugin which handles everything, you just have to add your dropbox link to it. I am also using it in my ecommerce website Astroworld merch and it is super easy to help your users keep track of their orders which I add in my Dropbox and simply give the link to them through Out-of-the-box. You can try to integrate 'Dropr' another plugin with your wordpress site by watching this tutorial:

Installing and configuring Dropr - Dropbox plugin for WordPress Check out the plugin @

Re: Integrating Dropbox with a website

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What about blogspot?
Syncing and uploads

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Integrating Dropbox with a website
4 Replies
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