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Is there a way to share a file in view-only or suggest-only mode?

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Would love to be able share a file in view-only or comment-only or suggest-only mode.

Would also like to be able to put myself into one of those modes with a document. This 2nd use-case prevents me from accidentally editing a widely shared reference document.

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Re: Is there a way to share a file in view-only or suggest-only mode?

Hey there @atav32,
From what you described as your goal, I can suggest that using a shared link should work perfectly! A shared link will allow you to give view-only access to a file so the recipient of the link can only view, download and (if they are signed into their Dropbox account when opening the link) comment on the file. With this method, the user will only need a Dropbox account to be able to comment on the shared file, they will be able to view and download without one.
Otherwise, you can share the file with the user’s Dropbox associated email address and allow them “Can view” access. With this method though it's required for the recipient to have a Dropbox account to access the file.
Finally, to open the file in a “view only” state for yourself, you can simply preview the file in your Dropbox account. When you simply click on the file in your Dropbox account on the website, it will open the file in a preview state and so you won’t be able to make edits to the file in this view.
I hope that covers all the relevant points for you, let me know if you have any further questions - Thanks!

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Is there a way to share a file in view-only or suggest-only mode?
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