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Missing Files + History Not Loading

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Recently we've noticed files just keep disappearing from our Dropbox. These are client files, so everyone's understandably pissed off. Also, when I try to check the history, it just keeps beachballing. What are we to do?

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Re: Missing Files + History Not Loading

Hi there,

So the following Help Center article covers the full process for handling missing files:

If there are too many files for you to restore on your own, or if you're not seeing the option to restore those files in your Event details page, please refer to the following Help Center article, which will walk you through gathering the information we need to revert those changes on our side:

Please send the event link in this format: where #'s are all numbers. Please note that any text after the third series of numbers should not be included in the link you send.

Once you have those event links, depending on your unique situation, one type of restoration might be preferential to another. Below, I'll explain the difference between the two main ways to recover files on your account, and you can decide what sounds best for you.

Account Rollback:
An account rollback will revert all events that occurred on your account from a given event in your event history. This means that we would undo ALL changes you have made on your account from a certain point of time. Just for clarity, it would be like we put your account in a time machine: this means that any additions and edits you may have made to files since that point would also be lost.

Reverting Singular Events:
Undo an event or multiple events is advised when there are one to a few events that you'd like recovered or reverted. If you just need to restore some deleted files, you can do this yourself right from the Events page on If the event is a mix of items being added and deleted, or you need to undo a move, I’m happy to look into performing those restorations.

Reverting specific events is much more surgical, as it can leave the rest of your Dropbox untouched except for the events being recovered. However, we would need you to provide us with event links for each event you would want us to undo.

Once you've found those links and confirmed the type of restore you'd like you'll want to submit a ticket with the Support team here:

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Missing Files + History Not Loading
1 Reply
Solved! : See solution
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