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Saved/shared document didn’t appear until 4 days later! Thoughts as to why?

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I saved a document in a shared folder. I assumed it was there, yet it didn’t ‘appear’ until 4 days later and said that my friend ( who shares the folder)had put it there. Any thoughts as to why or how that happened? I was uploading a LOT of documents that day.

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Re: Saved/shared document didn’t appear until 4 days later! Thoughts as to why?

Hey @Gritsko, please remember is that syncing across your devices can take time if you have many or large files. When Dropbox syncs the files it starts with all of the folders, then uploads files from smallest to largest. Thus, it may look like the folders are empty or incomplete if you look during the syncing process. That said, if the file in question was queued within a larger upload, then you would have to wait for the sync job to complete. 
Once syncing is completed, you should be able to see your uploaded content either on your Events or your Homepage computer ▶️ 🕸️. If you’re uploading the file in question amongst a larger batch, can you have a look there & see if any of your content is updating online? 
Last but not least, as the cause for the syncing discrepancy you’ve described could be an underlying syncing Arrows Counter Clock/White check mark issue (just in case you suspect that something is blocking your device from syncing correctly in the background), can you make sure that you’re running the latest Dropbox version on your laptop (74.4.115), you’ve made all OS updates & you’re not using Symlinks? It’s also advisable to make sure Dropbox is syncing correctly on your menu bar/ system tray, as below: 
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Thanks in advance for taking the time to have an additional look at the pointers above & please keep me updated on your findings in your next message & I'll follow-up with you asap! 


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Saved/shared document didn’t appear until 4 days later! Thoughts as to why?
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