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Seeking advice: Is it possible to sync an excel sheet with my google sheet via Dropbox?

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I want to sync an excel sheet with my google sheet that my employees have the access to edit the sheet using both ways - By google Sheets or by dropbox file. Also advise me that how can I give access to this particular sheet to all my employess and what is the maximum number of email address I can share that file with.

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Re: Seeking advice: Is it possible to sync an excel sheet with my google sheet via Dropbox?

Hey there (@Alialok), while an active integration between Google Cloud & Dropbox is still in the works, the closest feature you could utilize to create & edit your spreadsheets directly from your Dropbox account is co-authoring with Office Online and Dropbox.
The Microsoft Office & Dropbox integration lets you open Office files stored in your Dropbox, make changes in the Office mobile and web apps, and save those changes directly back to your Dropbox. This & this will be helpful to you, though you can test it right now, following the steps below:  
More information

How do I create new Office Online files from Dropbox?

#1. Sign in to
#2. Click My files.
#3. Click Create a new file.
#4. Select Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.
#5. Sign in to Office Online and create a new file. 
Important notes on creating Office Online files from Dropbox:
  • When you click Create a new file and select a file type, you'll be redirected to Office Online
  • When you create a new file through Office Online, a link to this file is automatically saved to Dropbox for easy access
  • You must have an Office Online subscription to use this feature
From there, I understand that this functionality may be important to you & I appreciate the time you devoted in writing us about it. I’ve already added your voice to the feedback gathered internally, since our dev team is actively tracking your interest for future improvements. 
Please feel free to ping me back in case you’d like us to discuss it in more depth & I’d just like to remind you that our Forum Wall is always open to your feedback or questions. Thanks again & enjoy the rest of your day!


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Seeking advice: Is it possible to sync an excel sheet with my google sheet via Dropbox?
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