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Syncing Android SD card DCIM folder

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I recently replaced my Android device (Samsung Galaxy Tab S4).

My old tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 2014 edition) was set up like this:

All photos stored on SD card. Dropbox automatically synced my pictures. They would appear on my laptop within seconds of being taken.

I cannot get this working on my new tablet. I have set the tablet to save all pictures taken by the camera on my SD card for reasons of saving space. I cannot find a way to set Dropbox to automatically sync from the DCIM folder on my SD card.

I have seen a few posts outlining similar problems, but no solutions.


 ~ Why is it so difficult to get Dropbox to simply upload photos from my DCIM folder on my SD card atuomatically?


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Re: Syncing Android SD card DCIM folder

Hi Dave, the Dropbox mobile app generally uploads from the camera roll and screenshot folder, though it can vary on Android devices.
Perhaps the app isn’t detecting the SD card as a potential location with a folder of images. Do the photos get uploaded when stored on the internal storage instead?
Have you tried uninstalling the app, rebooting the tablet, and re-installing the app?
Keep me posted!
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Syncing Android SD card DCIM folder
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