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The website user interface is unusable

Helpful | Level 5

I just got done spending one hour on a chat line trying to get my files restored from two days ago. It was a total nightmare, including having the support person tell me that my files that I work on every day were last updated 4 months ago and could not be recovered.

After that experience, I sent the following feedback to them. Do you agree that my points are valid?

Your web site to manage my files is COMPLETLY UNWORKABLE
Here are some of the problems I had to endure
1) I can not see folders, just thousands of files I have to somehow scroll through when trying to restore a folder
2) the chat help box is over the top of the buttons I need to press!!!!!!!!!!! DID ANYONE EVEN TEST THIS?
3) the events were not findable. not an obvious button. I had to type in a URL given to me by support
4) the chat box is way too small, I had to keep scrolling back. DID ANYONE TEST THIS WITH REAL PEOPLE?????
5) the text in the chatbox is grey on grey. How is anyone meant to read this? I have good eyes and I have problems reading this. TEST with real people??????
6) I have folders with thousands of files in them. How am I meant to scroll through them? There is massive wasted space so only a few files show up on the page
7) the suggested for you list contains files I have not even looked at for a year. the suggest for you list does NOT include my files and folders I worked on yesterday???????????????
The good news is that my subsecription is done in a week so I can cancel and move on to a company that actually tests their software will real people and makes sure it actually works.
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Re: The website user interface is unusable

Collaborator | Level 9

Totally agree @theNaturalist 
Also what is the point of having a website where you are supposed to be able to find files by Date Modified when the date doesn't show - just "--". I have no idea when anyone access or changes something and have had to ask all my clients to email me because I don't get notifications through the post or on the desktop app.
Plus - what is the point of having a home page that just says "Recents" instead of a date?

As you say - unusable.

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The website user interface is unusable
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Solved! : See solution
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