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Trying to back up an iMovie library to DropBox

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I just upgraded my DropBox account to be able to back up our video library in the cloud, but I've run into a problem.

On my Mac, the iMovie library file says it is 900 Gb, so it should fit just fine. 

But before it's even finished uploading all of it to DropBox, my DropBox is full and what's there from the videos folder shows at 1.54 Tb. 

I've tried scouring the folders for hidden files or discrepancies, but I can't find anything.

Does anyone know what's going on here?

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Re: Trying to back up an iMovie library to DropBox

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Apple's iMovie and iPhoto libraries contain symlinks, which Dropbox does not support. A symlink is a reference to a file that resides in a different location. It make it look like a file is in one folder when it's really located elsewhere.

If you have a symlink within your Dropbox folder, Dropbox doesn't sync the link itself but the content at the other end of the link. If that link points to a file elsewhere in the library, Dropbox ends up syncing the actual file twice; once in the original location and again for each symlink to that file, occupying at least twice the space.

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Trying to back up an iMovie library to DropBox
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