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Using cad with xrefs

Explorer | Level 3

We use AutoCad in the office and it is always an issue when working on a project where the file uses links and more than one person has to work on it. If person A opens a file (ex: Planting Plan.dwg) with links, they are linked through that person's computer user name since we each hold Dropbox files on our drive. For example: cad file has a link to civil base file (/Users/A/Dropbox/Current projects/Hotel/CIVIL_BASE.dwg). If person B wants to open the same file (Planting Plan.dwg) after person A closes the file then the link will be broken to the civil base because the they are user B and now user B has to re-link the file so that it is: /Users/B/Dropbox/Current projects/Hotel/CIVIL_BASE.dwg. Is there a work around this issue? Does anyone using Dropbox as a server have a work around?

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Re: Using cad with xrefs

Super User II

The only solution will be to have everyone move their Dropbox folder to a common location, such as C:\Dropbox, and ensure that they haven't moved or renamed the shared folders where these files exist (a user can move or rename a share and it only applies for them). If everyone does that, the links would be the same for everyone; C:\Dropbox\Current Projects\etc\etc.

Edit: It's also worth mentioning that this isn't a Dropbox issue. Instead, it's due to the fact AutoDesk uses the full path to a linked file, instead of a relative path. In fact, most applications that allow linked or embedded files will use the full path.


Re: Using cad with xrefs

Explorer | Level 3

Thank you Rich. This sounds like it should take care of it! I'll try that. 


Re: Using cad with xrefs

New member | Level 2


A few years back I manually installed Dropbox to my pc and then provided instuctions to several other drafters I was working with that were able to file path photo libraries, xrefs etc with ease. This was something I came up with to avoid the hassle of re-pathing external references etc. Does anyone have instructions on how to to all of this as I appeat to have lost the instructions I sent...

I'm sure all is pretty straight forward although these instructions were made nearly 3 years ago and Dropbox may have changed installation methods since then. Thanks

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Using cad with xrefs
3 Replies
Solved! : See solution
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