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Why can't I add a Paper doc to my shared folder?

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I wanted to create a Dropbox Paper document today, after I'd created a shared folder. I thought i could put a Paper "document" in a shared folder, but it didn't find the folder when i searched for it in the dialog box "Add to folder". That is very misleading.


Why is it so stupid? I've already shared one folder, can i really be true i need a separate shared folder if i wanna share a Dropbox paper document? That is stupid, makes it useless.

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Re: Share Dropbox paper


Hey Emil

It sounds like you created a shared folder in Dropbox and also created a Paper doc, is that correct? Dropbox Paper and the core Dropbox product are not connected at this time. We don’t currently have plans to integrate Paper into the filesystem, but stay tuned for more.

To share a doc, all you need to do is send the doc URL or you can explicitly invite them following the instructions here:
Syncing and uploads

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Why can't I add a Paper doc to my shared folder?
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