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Windows 10 shows folders but no files inside!

New member | Level 2

Sadly, my Macbook recently went Kaput by getting stuck in a bootup cycle, so I have had to start using my HP Pavillion dv7 with Windows 10 (POS). Dropbox has worked perfectly from the Mac for over 3 years using "Dropbox pro", now called Dropbox Plus.

I thought I'd added the Dropbox folder perfectly until earlier when I needed to prepare my accounts for my accountant, I have found my folders ok but there are no actual files inside them, it just says empty, even though the green tick shows for all folders and hovering over the Icon shows "Up to date".

I have tried resyncing, turning selective sync off then back on and waited for them to show as up to date (Green Tick showing), but still no files, only folders.

My files show if im using the Dropbox app on my iPad or iPhone but not this new access i set up using Windows 10, which is where I need to work from.

I'm using just under 14Gb of the 1Tb allowance so its not a size issue.

Also there are some files that do show up these are not in sub folders but loose in the main folder.

E.G: Path = Dropbox/filename.PDF

And some are showing in longer paths too

E.G Path = Dropbox/Business/Banking/2017/

but not all of them, it seems the ones I need are missing, mainly PDFs of bank statements, other PDF files show up, like product manuals and spreadsheets but not the files i need. It is most peculiar!

Can anyone help with this?

I've tried several suggetions in this forum and from searching online but the same issue occurs, this is quite urgent too as my accounts need to be with the accountant asap for him to prepare the company accounts for HMRC by the end of the month.

Thanks in advance for any help that is offered.

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Re: Windows 10 shows folders but no files inside!

New member | Level 2

 I may have just solved this issue!

It seems my missing files were named or renamed wrong, not by me as I dont use the ":" semi colon (i think its called) EVER in file names.

I changed one file name (using my iPad to rename it) from:

"2014:05:20 - Account Opened.PDF" (I have my files named with the date first)

to its original name of:

"2014-05-20 - Account Opened.PDF"

and the file now appears in my Windows 10 Dropbox. Yay! (ish)

I now have to find and locate all of these changed file names then change them to the working file names and there are hundreds if not thousands!

Somewhere along the line Windows or Dropbox software has changed the "-" Macbook symbol to a semi colon ":" or reads the "-" symbol made using a Mac as ":" a semi colon on Windows 10 software.

I originally made the file using my MacBook, so i think whatever translated the file from my Macbook to my windows 10 pc has changed all the "-" symbols to the ":" symbol which isn't recognised by the windows version of Dropbox.

I now have to go through every individual file using my iPad and change it back! Which is bloomin annoying and time wasting!

Hopefully, the new file name will still be recognised by my MacBook when I get it repaired!

If this gets read by a techy person working for Dropbox, can you look into this and improve Dropbox, the same if you are with Microsoft, it will save a lot of people thousands of hours of unnecessary work!

 If you are reading this post. Please" like" this post so it can get noticed by Dropbox and hopefully get the issue sorted!

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Windows 10 shows folders but no files inside!
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Solved! : See solution
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