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Windows 7 device isn't syncing and I can't sign into the app, what can I do?

Explorer | Level 3

No I won't because I have been surfing here to go over the same thing. "It DOES NOT WORK". And this isn't the first time I have had to call you people to get this to sinc again. And it isn't from some thing blocking it. Because I haven't gotten anything new in my computer, and no changes should mean no difference in programing. But for some reason your software always cacks out with the Sincing. ALL THE TIME. AND I used to be able to reset it in the past . But Not Now. You guys have made it so that re sincing it won't work also you took away the only true fire way to re sinc it . To turn it back on. YOU HAVE TAKEN IT AWAY!!!!!!. SO AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED THIS IS INTENTIONALLY YOUR FAULT IN THIS NOT SINCING. ALSO YOU HAVE TAKEN AWAY THE ONLY TRUE FIRE RE SETTTING THE SINC. BEFORE ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS HIT THE BELL.  AND THE BELL WOULD RESET THE SINCING . BUT NOT NOW . IT DOESN"T WORK ANYMORE BECAUSE YOU HAVE MADE IT THAT WAY. PLUS ANOTHER WAY WAS TO SIGN IN TO MY ACCOUNT OFF OF THE START UP BAR . BUT NOW IT WON"T SIGN IN AT ALL IT JUST KEEPS MOVING THE DESIGN OF YOUR DROP BOX BUT DOESN"T EVER SIGN IN ANYMORE.  BECAUSE ALL I HAD TO DO BEFORE WAS SIGN IN FROM THERE AND IT WOULD RESET. BUT NOT NOW. IT NEVERS FINALY OPENS THE ACCOUNT. IT"S AS IF THE CONNECTION ISN"T WORKING. AND BELOW IN THE BOTTOM THERE IS A BLUE CIRCLE WITH ARROWS IN IT GOING SIRCULAR. But it KEEPS SERCHING FOR THE LINK BUT NO CONNECTION. OUNCE IT CONNECTS IT WILL SINC. BUT NOT NOW . IT CAN"T FIND THE SINC LINK. THAT MEANS YOUR SOFTWARE IS NOT WORKING RIGHT FOR THAT LINK TO CONNECT. YOUR SOFTWARE SHOULD HAVE FEELERS THAT LOOK FOR THAT LINK. BUT FOR SOME REASON. THEY AREN"T AND IT WON"T EVER LINK BACK UP. And all your info to fix this problem kkeps making people go over and over the same thing . That you need to fix. Not trying to find it . tThe same thing gets put in your face over and over but still no real answer to fix the problem. Just the same old same old nothing. bable over and over. But "NO" SURE fire way to fix the problem. Just Half Ass Tries to fix the problem. But never does until someone gets fed up with it not working for the hundredth time. We Will see if you have a sure fire way like when i called the last 5 times to get this fixed. Now you don't even offer a number to call to be faster at fixing this dumb Problem That Keeps Happening Over and Over Again & Again & Again. But you never fix it Entirely. But you take away the Fastest Comunications. Your Phone number. Now you have to apply by e-mail. In the beginning you had to proove your system worked . So you needed hands on with a Telephone line. Now you think You don't have to work as hard now. So you put in only a E-mail Comunication Means. Your supposed to be the best at securing Back up files. How can that be if you don't even have a Software that doesn't work . So how do you expect to be able to do back ups . When you can't even get the accounts to comunicate with the links and be in SINC. If you can't get it to work in Sinc Properly. Last Time I spoke with someone who walked me through it. THat's what I would like to get this going Properly again and not bounce back and forth to maybe getting this software to work properly. Please and Thank You. My name is Michael Sprunt. [phone number removed by moderator]. Early morning is best Time to catch me. Thanks

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Re: Sinc with my window 7 64 i5 with no checkmarks and can't sign into

Hey there @Michael S.25, sorry to hear you are having issues with syncing!
Just like to note that only Dropbox Business admins have access to phone support so if you are on this plan, you can find the number to call us in the Help section of your Admin console. We are not equipped to provide outbound phone support (and I removed your phone number as per our guidelines here). Otherwise, you can check here the methods you can contact us by.
So, onto your issue, I will need to ask a little more info about the situation. Firstly, can you let me know the version of the desktop app you have installed? If you want to ensure you have the latest version you can download it from here.
You also mentioned that you cannot sign into the desktop app. Can you let me know exactly what you see when you launch the app? Any screenshots of error messages will be helpful, or let me know if it is stuck on “Connecting” for example.
Any other info you believe to be relevant will be much appreciated - Thanks!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Windows 7 device isn't syncing and I can't sign into the app, what can I do?
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