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Words highlighted in orange

Explorer | Level 4

Hi, just today noticed when typing content some words are highlighted in orange (like below), some even in red but can't recall what word was that. 


What is it?



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Re: Words highlighted in orange


Hi @tdyszkiewicz! From your screenshot, it looks like Paper is treating this text like code so is trying to automatically highlight certain words.


There are a couple of things that could be causing this to happen:

  • The text is inside of a codeblock (surrounded by three backticks ```)
  • The doc title ends in some sort of code file extension, like .html, .py, or .js.

Re: Words highlighted in orange

Explorer | Level 4
You were right, I have two periods of the web address in the end of the title - something like abcdefg.ab.ab
After removing them the highlighted words are no longer highlighted. Is there a way of having the periods in the title without words being highlighted in the document?

Re: Words highlighted in orange

Super User II
It probably wasn't the periods in the file name, but the .ab extension at the end. Files that have the .ab extension are likely considered code because they would normally be used in application development on multiple platforms like Android and Linux (among other possibilities).
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Words highlighted in orange
3 Replies
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