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up to 80% of shared files disappeared since last Friday 4/19/19

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1. I discovered this morning that  as many as 80% of the files were listed as "deleted" from all folders in several of my  shared Dropboxes. In Dropbox browser showing Deleted Files revealed many with "Deleted by you at 1130 am yesterday" Nope, not done. Some also said "Deleted by NamedColleague at 1130 am yesterday" Nope, not so. The two colleagues who share one of these dropboxes with me also find these files missing and same alleged perpetrator/time of the deletion.  In others of my shared Dropboxes the same NamedColleague is alleged to have deleted files at 1130 am yesterday even though she has NO ACCESS to those Dropboxes which are not shared with her.

2. When we try to Restore from within Dropbox in browser mode some but not all of the missing files are restored compared to the files that are shown in our most recent Time Machine backup available (last Friday). Fortunately, we have Time Machine to restore all the missing files. 

3. At the moment this problem only affects my shared Dropboxes all but one of which (the index case) are currently inactive - i.e. neither I nor the others who share them has used them for over a year so their contents are static.

4. I am concerned that this is some kind of malware that could escape outside my shared folders onto my computer if I move anything from the currently actively shared Dropbox.

Please advise.

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Re: up to 80% of shared files disappeared since last Friday 4/19/19

Hey there @aosummers, sorry to hear your having this issue!
So as well as having a look at your Deleted Files page, can you also check your Events page? You may be able to see the events more clearly and also restore any other deleted files you mind find here.
Another option would be to go to the affected folders on the web, and from the right side of the web page, click the option “Show deleted files”. This will show you the files deleted from that location and allow you again to restore them.
The system will show the account the files were deleted from, for example moving the files out of the Dropbox desktop folder (if using the app) will show as the files being deleted from the account it is linked to. Also, the colleague you mentioned who showed as deleting files would have to have edit access to be able to take this action on the files.
If you are concerned about the possibility of malware within the shared folders, I would suggest taking a look at our article here.
If you would like some more assistance with locating and restoring any other files, then I would recommend submitting a ticket with our support team as they will be able to also see and perhaps clarify what happened here exactly.
Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions - Cheers!

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up to 80% of shared files disappeared since last Friday 4/19/19
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